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Classes, Consultations, & Schedule


 805 646 0441 • T:323 651 0022

Certified RIE® Parent-Infant-Toddler
Guidance Program

starting Oct. 19
1:30 to 3:00 pm
Infants 10 to 16mos.
NEW ONLINE group for very young baby 
families around the world meets Thursdays 7:00 pm Pacific. Get it going now - inquire soon!
Are you ready to find parenting less burdensome - even from the start - maybe avoid overdoing and exhausting yourself, making it easier? Research shows what providers do day-to-day has vital influences on early infant brain development. 

Magda Gerber's Educaring® Approach is a preventive means to help parents to become confident in their supportive role towards this great self-discovery - "I CAN be good enough!"

Liz Memel's RIE Certified experiential learning program, which has been happening for many decades since she studied with Gerber, offers groups of 6 families for children from birth to over age two, with groupings based on developmental level. 
Groups are ongoing and remain together in continuous eight-week sessions until the youngest turns two. 
Online Groups meet for one hour weekly. In Person Groups meet weekly for 90 minutes in Liz's beautiful Ojai studio.
Come visit without your child at no cost to see if this approach interests you and your family. 

Sliding scale fees are offered to assure inclusion for everyone's vulnerable early relational health through connectedness. RIE offers possibilities, not dogma. Adults must give back to themselves if they are going to help create change through awareness. We have to be more inclusive - our world requires our transformation. Redefine yourself, reach out to incorporate the other and grow our humanity.


RIE® Wanderland

 Liz's unique outdoor program of observation and demonstration is offered to families with children ages birth to eight years. Come with your young ones to this safe environment for a feast of free will/free range while partnering for reflective observing and learning time with the caring facilitation of the RIE Mentor. This is who you can be, and who can your child become? 
"What parents teach is themselves, as models of what is human - by their moods, their reactions, their facial expressions and actions."
     --- M. Gerber
If you want to improve, the best thing is to become more conscious of the choices you make, to be more present. And you can surely ask for help to become aware, joining with other adults striving to be more effective, less burdened, for this most difficult task in life...raising children. The abundance of publications and activities for infants produce controversy, confusion and pressure for parents. "Too much advice" - "too little real help" - "Nobody really shows me how to apply it to my baby."

Online RIE® Parent Guidance classes meet
once a week  for one hour.


Choose to enroll for 8 sessions after a free trial class. The program is for families with children from birth to age two. Consistency and continuity of care are two main tenets of RIE.
Enrollment limited to 8-10 families. 

Come and learn in this family support group offering a humanistic, transformative approach to becoming the parent you can be for your unique young human - a caring adult who will gain confidence in yourself and trust in your baby's unique abilities to show you the way to nurture and respect them as a competent human being. From birth. to encourage babies and toddlers to become authentic, attentive, active explorers, learning how to learn.

"Our son was 2 months and we were looking for our tribe. I’m incredibly grateful for Liz Memel and all others who have helped make RIE accessible during this time. Our meetings each week have been an anchor for our family. Every week I feel like I begin a new process of undoing or unlearning in order to be with our child in a sense of wonder. I’m reminded every week to wait, then wait some more- to allow the natural unfolding of my son. And my gosh is it beautiful. I’m continually impressed and in awe of his innate abilities and competencies.  The virtual aspect of RIE has been fitting for my own learning style, being able to ask questions, receive feedback, and to hear how others may be similarly struggling with their child. Liz’s videos have also been helpful in giving a visual aid to what to look at when observing our son. Overall we are just so grateful that RIE is virtual and we are able to get support during this time."

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