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RIE Parent-Infant Guidance Classes or Online Parent Guidance

ON-SITE mobile baby group! Wednesdays, 10:30 am to noon • 

Enrollment limited to 6 families. 

NEW Online young baby families evenings 7:30-8:30 pm Pacific

Zoom Wednesdays!



          "Early parenting: Coming Into Being" : Brand new online and experiential In-person classes meet weekly for families with children from birth to age two. two. Encouragement for parents to find their knowledge from within, fostering their baby's natural abilities from the start to be attentive, active, exploring and aware of self and others. The group support process enables growth of parents' confidence as they too build skills through observation and demonstration. My Certified™ class - that I've taught for over three decades - can help parents during the first two years to be more confident in their key role towards this greatest discoveries, ridding themselves of pressures (some self-imposed) and unrealistic expectations of perfection. RIE liberates all!

RIE Wanderland - healthy risk-free no-mask outdoor program

Time and date to be arranged for each individual family with children 0-8.


How long can you handle free play? Visit RIE Wanderland with your young children for some peace while discovering breakthroughs when you practice pure awareness intentionally as you all come back to your senses, follow instincts and build trust. Come give them 100% safe room outside to flex their true selves and got some RIE self-care at the same time for you. There’s ample mask-free time with authenticbabiesojai for safe and sound uninterrupted play, lots to observe and sense about ourselves while being intent on your unique family.

RIE Before Baby Pre-Natal Course

Summer 2022 Online 

3 Saturdays TBA

9 - 11:30 am PT



An Introductory Certified™ RIE Course for those expecting, waiting to adopt, or thinking about becoming a parent. As a co-creator of this comprehensive course many years ago, I assure you it is designed to start you on your journey with confidence in yourselves and trust in your baby’s unique ability to show you the way, while establishing healthy patterns from the beginning. 

RIE Nurturing Nanny

Dates to be announced for online 8 hour course


Designed to help Nannies work more effectively and pleasurably, offering knowledge and practical suggestions that can help make this work easier and more enjoyable, resulting in advantages for the parents and their infants who receive professional Educaring.

RIE Foundations: Theory & Observation

3 weekend Intensive


FALL 2022 with field observations of Certified RIE Parent-Infant Class


Designed to enhance the skills and competencies of professionals who work in the infant care field, teach in college environment, work with parents, etc., the 60 hour RIE Foundations: Theory and Observation Course provides an overview of RIE’s Educaring Approach. The 60-hour comprehensive Certified™ Course,  requiring no pre- requisites, includes lectures, discussions, experiential activities, videos, in person and video field observations.Enrollment is limited to 10 so each student is mentored according to his or her goals.

"I wish to say thank you for your incredibly valuable work. You have taken such great care, time and thought to work through this intensive course. I am so very grateful for the dialogue and the openness of heart and mind to share your insights. I admire your ambition to continue learning and growing too. I have not only taken away insights on how to work with babies, toddlers and families but also how to facilitate a course in meaningful ways. The pace of the training was excellent and the stories and videos brought the principles of RIE to life. I see the challenges in attempting to meet everyone’s needs; parents and educators and nannies, but, it gave such a nice wide perspective for me. The time to talk without a looming Powerpoint is a rarity in training also so thank you for this."

Intro to Educaring®

JUNE 13 & 15, 2022

3-hour online course

7:30 to 9:00 PM PacTime


"A holidtic approach to being and caring for people."

     Did the course content meet your expectations?
Yes, Liz, the instructor herself demonstrated calmness, elegance, while delivering Madga's words and her experiences; she was also very patient and encouraging while listening to what we (students online) were trying to express. The course itself was informative and inspiring, made me have a strong feeling that I truly want to find out more from the RIE Foundations Course or further more.

     Did you learn something new?

Yes,"The world is changing, Infants/young children are not.""Parents/adults should spend good quality of time, observing the children to understand, to see what they really need instead of we as an adults to tell them what we want hem to be.”