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About RIE®

This neuroscientifically research-based program, RIE Parent – Infant Guidance class that I offer will provide weekly support for your family's well-being and growth during the most crucial first two years of your child’s development. With the Educaring® Approach, a baby is respected as a competent human being and seen as a partner whose need for security is fulfilled through loving and undivided attention during care. In the small (6 to 8 families) parent/infant group, professional facilitation provides adults with the same respect for their unique learning process that is shown for infants, enabling growth of trust among small group member participants as relationships build and parents develop.
In the group both facilitator and parents have the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences, discuss strategies and learn from others how to increase their choices by considering various parenting decisions, how to get help before a problem develops and how to participate with their young children by communicating and reflecting and including their point of view in decision making. This experiential learning process enables growth of parents’ confidence as they build skills – through self-observation, observation of other parents, and most importantly observation of the children in the safe setting where peaceful human kindness can emerge and the RIE® philosophy will come to be appreciated.

With the Educaring® Approach, a baby is respected as a competent human being and seen as a partner whose need for security is fulfilled through loving and undivided attention during care. How do you put loving respect into practice? Allow time for baby's choice. Come watch how that happens in class!

  •  Seeing babies in empowering ways that help you, the parents!
  •  Becoming the parent you can be — a caring observer of your child.
  •  Encouraging your child’s earliest natural abilities and developing brain.
  •  Gaining confidence in yourself and trust in your baby’s unique ability to show you the way to nurture and respect them.
  • Adapting the home environment as baby grows.
The children are the real demonstrators who teach the adults to be responsive carers and observing learners. As one confident family in my program stated after their child’s first two years’ participation, “Thank you for teaching us to let our baby teach us.”
MAGDA GERBER'S EDUCARING® APPROACH is a preventative and transformative path to human family development. The organization she founded in 1978, Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE), supports families as you all develop throughout your lives. "Can it be made easier? Yes, it can!” stated Magda Gerber. We hope our courses help guide your transition to parenthood, becoming a little smoother, and more enjoyable. We wish you all the best in the weeks and years to come!

Secure Beginnings Center

Oak View, CA

Designed and implemented with the 2006-07 board of Ojai Valley Birth and Family Support funded by Ventura County First Five.


My Philosophy


Let us explore how it is that one can cultivate confidence in even the very youngest infants. The attitudes acquired are lifelong, for “RIE’s influence doesn’t end here. A good beginning sets the stage for how one handles later life situations, for both children and parents. If you begin by learning to accept your infant as he/she is, to communicate with your child, and to encourage cooperation and independence.

This FOUNDATION supports your child’s sense of self...your trust In your child as many new stages unfold...still listening, observing, still trusting.” Gerber, Your Self-Confident Baby.

Infancy is a most vulnerable stage of development, as new parents pave their way, providing care for their child and themselves.

Liz Memel, M.A.  infant specialist,  facilitates each unique family‘s authentic growth, feeling held and supported  for these crucial first two years  of “living, learning and loving” (Magda Gerber).

The goal of Educaring is to help raise authentic infants who are:
Competent     Confident   Focused    Aware
Peaceful    Secure   Involved   Attentive
Cheerful   Curious   Cooperative   Exploring
Resourceful   Interested   Initiating   Inner-directed

My Education & Experience

RIE® Associate Certification by Magda Gerber for 3-part RIE Training completed in 1985

MA Human Development: Infants and Toddlers

Pacific Oaks College  1991

Adjunct Faculty: Child Development Dept.

Los Angeles City College 1992-2005

2004 International Pikler Symposium

Budapest, Hungary  - workshops co-presenter with Carol Pinto

Contributing writer:  Authentic Relationships in Group Care for Infants and Toddlers – Resources for Infant Educaters (RIE) Principles into Practice. London. Kingsley Publishers, 2007

RIE® Board of Directors

President for 5 years, then Vice President in charge of Programs till 2016

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